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World’s Newest Class of Nuclear Attack Submarine: Rare Access Inside Suffren - October 21st 2021
Leading Navies are secretive about the full capabilities of their submarines. In a rare privilege, Naval News has been allowed aboard the French Navy's (Marine Nationale) newest boat, Suffren.

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HRH Prince William opens £34m submarine training facility in Clyde - June 29th 2021

His Royal Highness Prince William visited the home of the UK Submarine Service in Argyll and Bute today to meet with service personnel and officially open a multi-million-pound training facility.

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Lost WW2 British submarine found sunk off the coast of Malta
Telegraph - October 31st 2019

The wreck of a British submarine, which vanished at the height of World War Two,
has been discovered lying at the bottom of the sea off Malta.

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Storage Of Retired Royal Navy Submarines Costs Taxpayer £30m Per Year

One MP warned the lack of storage "could impact" current defence capability.

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Protectors of Peace

Recognising 50 years of Royal Navy submariners providing the nation's continuous nuclear deterrent.

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'Give Trident nuclear submarine crews their own medal', say MPs
The Mirror April 10th 2019

The demand came as the Commons held a debate marking 50 years of continuous-at-sea-deterrence. Submariners on nuclear patrols should be awarded a special medal.

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New nuclear submarine is named
Navy News February 25th 2019

The third next-generation nuclear deterrence submarine will be named HMS Warspite, Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson announced today, carrying on the tradition of breathing new life into first-generation hunter-killer names.

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Submariners celebrate 50 years of success of Navy’s ultimate mission
Navy News January 18th 2019

Events across the UK will celebrate the 50 years of dedication of submariners on the longest operation ever carried out by our armed forces.

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The REAL Cold War: Britain's attack submarine smashes through a three-foot thick layer of ice in Putin's backyard
Mail on line March 15th 2018

The boat – a hunter-killer designed to track and sink enemy subs and ships with its missiles and torpedoes – surfaced in the Arctic Ocean in an area that Russia regards as its own backyard.

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India’s first nuclear missile submarine crippled as sailor leaves hatch open
UK Defence Journal January 10th 2018

A hatch left open on the INS Arihant lead to saltwater flooding the propulsion area, rendering the $2.9 billion submarine inoperative.


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Submarine service reveals major mission milestone
Navy News 13th December 2017

Royal Navy Submariners at HM Naval Base Clyde marked a major milestone recently with the successful completion of the 350th deterrent patrol.


Nine British servicemen removed from HMS Vigilant after testing positive for cocaine
Telegraph 27th October 2017

Nine British servicemen have been removed from HMS Vigilant, the nuclear submarine, after testing positive for cocaine while on duty.
The nine crew members were sent home after failing the drugs tests.


Dreadnought-class submarine - The future

The Dreadnought class is the replacement for the Vanguard class of ballistic missile submarines which entered service in the United Kingdom in the 1990s with an intended service life of 25 years.


Ministry of Defence denies Britain's entire fleet of attack submarines are 'out of action'
Daily Telegraph February 10th 2017

The Ministry of Defence have denied that the Royal Navy’s fleet of attack submarines are all currently out of action.  
Britain’s seven ‘hunter-killer’ vessels were reported to to be ‘non-operational’ as they undergo repairs and maintenance. 


No.10 ‘Covered up” botched Trident test
SKY News January 22nd 2017

Downing Street is being accused of a cover-up after a malfunction in Britain's Trident nuclear weapons deterrent in a test just weeks before a crucial House of Commons vote.
The Sunday Times reports that a Trident II D5 missile experienced a failure after being launched from the British submarine HMS Vengeance off the coast of Florida in June last year.


New nuclear submarine given famous naval name
BBC News October 21st 2016

The first of four new UK submarines to carry Trident nuclear missiles will be named Dreadnought, a decision inspired by famous ships from the past.


German World War One U-boat wreck found off Scottish coast
SKY News October 19th 2016

After nearly 100 years lying undiscovered, experts believed the wreck could help solve the mystery of the vessel's final hours.

Nuclear submarines construction set to start
BBC News October 1st 2016

Construction of the UK's four new nuclear submarines is to begin, after the government announced £1.3bn of new investment with defence firm BAE Systems.


Jobs for Ex-Submariners?
The Sun September 25th 2016
Super yachts are sooo last year!
Billionaires are snapping up swanky SUBMARINES complete with pool, cinema and Michelin chef

Submarines and rivalries underneath the South China Sea
BBC News July 11th 2016

A tribunal is about to rule on China's territorial claims in the disputed South China Sea. It is central to China's plans for a submarine nuclear force able to break out into the Pacific Ocean.


UK nuclear submarine collides with merchant vessel off Gibraltar
BBC News July 21st 2016

One of the UK's newest nuclear-powered submarines has docked in Gibraltar after a collision with a merchant vessel during a training exercise. The Royal Navy said it has launched an immediate investigation after HMS Ambush was involved in the "glancing collision" while submerged off the coast of the British territory.


A guide to Trident and the debate about replacement
BBC News July 16th 2016

Parliament is due to vote on whether to go ahead with building replacements for the UK's Vanguard fleet of four submarines carrying Trident nuclear missiles. The subs are due to become obsolete by the end of the next decade.


Legendary wreck of British Second World War submarine found off Sardinian coast
The Telegraph May 25th 2016

After decades of speculation, an Italian scuba diver claims to have located the  legendary wreck of the British submarine HMS P311, which went missing off the coast of Sardinia during World War II. 

Soryu submarine arrives in Sydney Harbour; first Japanese sub to visit since WWII
ABC News April 15th 2016

The Soryu class Hakuryu is the first Japanese submarine to enter Sydney Harbour in three quarters of a century, and will take part in Exercise Nichi Gou Trident with the Royal Australian Air Force and Royal Australian Navy.

Third Astute submarine to join Royal Navy fleet
BBC News March 18th 2016

The third Astute Class submarine built at a Cumbrian shipyard has officially joined the Royal Navy fleet.
HMS Artful, a 97m-long (318ft), 7,400-tonne, nuclear-powered vessel, is one of seven being built by BAE Systems.

Drone technology a threat to Trident submarines
Independent 27th February 2016

The controversial idea that Britain’s nuclear submarines could be rendered irrelevant before the new fleet is even launched, will be bolstered this week by a report to be presented to MPs examining the Trident programme.

USA: Mysterious Nazi submarine from WWII discovered in Great Lakes
World News Daily Report February 18th 2016

Niagara Falls| Divers from the U.S coast guard took part this morning, in a delicate wreck recovery operation to bring to the surface a Nazi submarine discovered two weeks ago  at the bottom of Lake Ontario.

Everyday life on board a nuclear submarine
BBC News February 13th 2016

Ever wondered what it would be like to spend months underwater with no access to the outside world?
That is the reality for those that crew Britain's Vanguard-class submarines, home to the country's nuclear weapons.
The BBC's Sarah Smith went to meet Britain's submariners, and found some very ordinary aspects of everyday life alongside the nuclear warheads.

Onboard a Trident submarine: 'If I have to pull the trigger, deterrence has failed'
The Guardian January 21st 2016
There is no big red button with ‘fire’ on it,” said Lt Cdr Woods. Instead, there is a joystick with a trigger, not much different than those used to play video games. It requires barely any pressure to pull the trigger, just a slight squeeze.

Captain Sacked After Grounding Nuclear Submarine
SKY News January 6th 2016
A US submarine commander has lost his job after he grounded an Ohio-class guided missile submarine as it returned to port.
The nuclear-powered USS Georgia hit a channel buoy and then grounded as it headed for Kings Bay, Georgia, on 25 November, causing at least $1m in damages. Captain Dave Adams, commanding officer of the boat's "Blue Crew", was relieved of command on Monday by Rear Admiral Randy Crites.

Why nuclear submarine HMS Vanguard has been brought back to Plymouth
Plymouth Herald December 4th 2015
NUCLEAR submarine HMS Vengeance sailed out of Devonport Dockyard ready to take to the sea again - as her sister ship HMS Vanguard came in.
The Trident vessel had been at the naval base for three-and-a-half years for repair and refuelling works worth £350million.
Her sister ship HMS Vanguard – the UK’s oldest nuclear submarine – arrived at the dockyard on Tuesday ahead a four-year refit.
The Ministry of Defence is due to sign a contract worth around £200 million with Babcock to undertake the planned period of maintenance for Vanguard.


£1.3Bn contract awarded for latest attack submarine
MOD News release 19th November 2015

A £1.3 billion contract to build the latest Astute Class attack submarine for the Royal Navy has been awarded by the Ministry of Defence.
Both time and money are being saved on the building of Anson, the Royal Navy’s fifth Astute submarine. Savings of £50 million for the taxpayer have been achieved during negotiations with BAE Systems, and the agreed build time is to date the shortest ever for the Astute Class, with a current schedule some nine months ahead of that for Boat 3 (Artful).
Defence Minister Philip Dunne made the announcement as he visited the home of the UK’s submarine manufacturing industry based in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria and viewed progress already made on the new submarine.

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Trident 'could be rendered obsolete by hackers'
BBC News Nov 2015
The UK's Trident nuclear weapons system could be rendered obsolete by cyber attacks, former Defence Secretary Lord Browne has warned.
The ex-Labour minister told the BBC unless "weak spots" were protected, there was "no guarantee" of a reliable nuclear deterrent for the PM "when he needs to reach for it".
The comments come ahead of a Commons debate on the future of Trident.

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Nato's 'Dynamic Mongoose': Hunting for submarines
BBC News May 2015
In the North Sea, off the coast of Norway, Nato has been conducting its largest ever anti-submarine warfare exercise.
It is seen as a response to the growing threat from Russian submarines which have stepped up their own patrols in these very same waters. It has also highlighted a gaping hole in Britain's own defences


Life on a British Nuclear Submarine
First published - Guardian - August 21st 2012

'Just don't be in the toilet when we dive deep," executive officer David "Bing" Crosby advises me. "The bulkheads bend and you can't open the doors." Forget all the technical stuff about monitoring "the Bubble" when you dive – I never quite understand the role of that mysterious piece of equipment – this is the kind of practical guidance I need.


Royal Navy's latest submarine arrives on the Clyde
Ministry of Defence August 19th 2015

Artful, the third of the Royal Navy’s new Astute Class attack submarines, has arrived at her Scottish base port from where she will carry out sea trials before entering service later this year.
The 7,400-tonne Artful left BAE Systems’ construction yard at Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria several days ago before sailing to her new home at Her Majesty’s Naval Base (HMNB) Clyde. She will provide the Royal Navy with the most technologically advanced submarine Britain has ever sent to sea.

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UK Nuclear Deterrent To Cost $256 Billion, Far More Than Expected
LONDON (Reuters) October 26th 2015

The overall cost of replacing and maintaining Britain's nuclear deterrent will reach 167 billion pounds ($256 billion), much more than expected, according to a lawmaker's and Reuters' calculations based on official figures.


Could Russian submarines cut off the internet?
BBC NEWS October 26th 2015

Russia could be developing plans to sever key internet communications during future wars, according to a report in the New York Times.
The article reports that various military sources are concerned about a spike in Russian naval activity near the locations of undersea cables.
Such cables are vital to the internet's daily running and constantly ferry huge amounts of data between continents.

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