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Feedback from graham wild (oscar)

Hi to all,just found your site and pretty good it is too.I served in boats up '77 including Andrew(twice) - Astute - Amphion - Onyx - Opportune and Swiftsure.I knew one of your members - Trevor Dodwell but cannot remember which boat it was on? Would be good to hear from him and others who might have known me during those great days.Currently living near Rotherham.

Oscar Wild - ex UC1

Feedback from BOB CATON

Dear All Please pass on my regards to Mick Brockelsby I was on OBERON for the far east commision as a Stoker Taff Caton with Harry GROSS Buster brown and many others I will always remember those times as the best of my time in boats I went on to serve in Roqual Superb Sceptre and left the service as a WOMEA
All the best

Feedback from Ken & Maureen Hislop
I would like to thank all members for the send off which you gave to our Uncle Trevor (Bunt) Shaw, this morning. The Eulogy was both touching and amusing, and was of great comfort to Aunty Pam. I know that Trevor was always proud of being a submariner, and you men from similar backgrounds were a big part of his life. Once again Thank You. Best regards
Ken & Maureen

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